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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

Back from Genève

Just came back from Genève, where I had an excellent time this weekend.

Friday was the day to go to a job interview, and to finally meet Lammert and his family. Had great conversations with them, it was great. Love them all.

On Saturday I went to an A Rocha conference, where I got to meet the people behind A Rocha Suisse. The conference went well, I think it was a success for a first one in Switzerland. The subjects discussed where kind of more basic then I thought they would be, but well... I think there is lot's of potential on the projects they have for the future, and I will love to help that potential to become reality. In the end of the day, I had a little time to walk around Genève downtown. That was great, I missed Genève a lot since February, and was great to be there again.

On Sunday I got to walk around the place where the two rivers meet. Beautifull place, it's like a forest inside town. Amazing. At lunch I got to meet some of the people at Shema and Engage, including Joshua (it was nice to finally meet him in person).

I was in the plane to Portugal, and was allready missing Genève...

Shema Community

Recently I noticed Shema Community, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Looks really interesting, worth a look if you are interested in the Emerging Church. A little about them:

"Shema Community Movement is not another ‘church’ or ’denomination’ within the Christian faith or religion but a ‘grass-roots’ missional movement (missional means leading a ‘go to them’ life, instead of a ‘come to us and become like us’ life), sharing the belief that ‘good news must be good news for everybody or it is not good news at all.’ At our core, we embrace Judeo-Christian essentials measuring ‘goodness’ by what we practice, who we’re becoming, what we embrace, what we create, and whom we include."