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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

Lift 2007: How was it

Nice screenI had a great time at Lift 2007. It was a great way to stop a little bit and think strategically. And even I, who have an hard time socializing, got to know several interesting people, and got lots of great ideas for some of the projects I have in mind.

I loved the way Lift was organized. Specially the way the sessions were intercalated with mingling time and party time. It's where you really get to know other people. What best than a fondue session to get along?

We had some problems with WIFI, specially in the first day. And the food was really bad (in portuguese standards, which applies to every non-portuguese food in the planet). But the rest worked really well. I loved the snake game in the lobby, I loved the conference rooms, I loved the informality, I really loved the movie with the names of the speakers, and I loved the croissants in the morning.

What did I bring? More than knowledge, I brought vision and connections. And that's what's really all about, right?

The Social Web: Me first

Recently in the Lift Conference, I was in a workshop called Building Social Applications by Stowe Boyd. A very interesting workshop indeed, since it made me think a lot. Follow the link to get a nice resume by Stephanie.

One of the concepts mentioned was the "me first" principle: All social web is really focused in the individual, and not in the group. As individualism rules in our days, people will only participate in the social web if it has any benefit for them. What's in it for me?

I partly agree with that statement. I believe that is the absolute truth in our highly individualized modern society, but not so in the emergent post-modern society, where the tribe matters the most (more than myself). So, the dynamics for the teenagers of today may be very different, and that may result in much differences in the way we live the social internet.

Is it possible to make a social application where both societies feel welcome? Maybe it is. If we reward both the group and the individual, I think all of them will be included.

Balanço da ida a Genève

Como disse, tinha algumas expectativas, e a maioria foram cumpridas.

A conferência foi muito boa, valeu mesmo a pena ir. Vim cheio de ideias para alguns dos projectos que tenho em mente, e no global foi uma boa forma de abrir os olhos a outras realidades.

Em termos turísticos, consegui visitar todos os pontos turísticos principais, incluindo o Museu da Reforma e a Catedral de St. Pierre. Gostei muito do Museu Etnográfico, e o Museu da Cruz Vermelha foi uma experiência bastante forte. Ficou a faltar o Museu das Nações Unidas, o Museu do Relógio, e o Museu de História Natural. Esses ficam para a próxima.

Houve uma expectativa que foi parcialmente cumprida: Observar várias espécies de aves pela primeira vez. Consegui ver 5 espécies pela primeira vez, e bastante bem, mas poderia ter visto mais. Mas para ser sincero, se calhar pus a fasquia demasiado alta. Ainda por cima não tive assim tanto tempo dedicado a isso. Pelo menos deu para experimentar o Zeiss Diascope que comprei :)

Houve outra expectativa que não foi cumprida: Entrar em contacto com a igreja emergente local. Ainda tentei falar com o pessoal de lá, mas não consegui, e tive muita pena. Acho que teria sido uma experiência muito boa. Fica para a próxima.

Lift Conference e Genève

Já estou cá desde terça-feira à noite, e está tudo a correr muito bem. Posso dizer que mais de metade das minhas expectativas já foram atingidas, o que é surpreendentemente bom.

Genève é um sítio interessante para visitar. Não sei se seria capaz de vir cá de propósito para fazer turismo, mas mesmo assim tem muita coisa interessante para visitar. Só tenho pena que, apesar do frio que está, em vez de nevar, chove. Enfim.

A conferência está a ser muito boa, e está muito bem organizada. Valeu bem a pena vir.

Lift 2007: First Impressions

I'm at Lift Conference right now, and I'm having a great time. Some first impressions:

The Good

- They have t-shirts for women! You may remember that is something I blogged about.
- Everything looks so nice and well organized.
- I love the fact that they didn't give me a huge bag filled with useless stuff. Just the t-shirt and a small (but really complete) information package.

The Bad

- We were without wireless for a good part of the morning. Not a big problem, in my opinion. We actually got to pay atention to the conference and talk to each other.
- How come it's cold and it doesn't snow? I feel tricked... But that's not really Lift's fault :D

Lift Conference 2007

The Lift Conference will happen in 7-8-9 February, in Geneva, Switzerland, and I'll be there. I'm really looking forward for it, for several reasons.

For starts, it's a grassroots conference. And I totally support grassroots conferences for several ideological reasons. It's also all about new stuff, vision, and innovation. The kind of things that makes us think outside the box. And it's also an excellent opportunity to meet other people, and actually engage in conversations with them.

It will also be the first time I'll be in Switzerland, so it will be an excellent opportunity to do some tourism (I'll stay there for the following weekend). I also expect to do some (very light) birding, I'll probably see some swans and goose. It would be nice to get in touch with the emerging church in Geneva, but I don't know where to start.

All in all, I think I'll have a great time there.