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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian D. McLaren

The Kingdom of God, what is it? For me, this is a question of utmost importance. I believe the meaning of the kingdom of God has been neglected throughout the history of the church. Try asking your christian friends what is it, and you'll be amazed with the answers (or lack of). That is the question this book tries to answer. And I have to say that it answers the question very well.

This is a great book. Very well written, it is easy to read and yet deep enough in meaning. I like books like that. Books that talk about profound stuff in a simple and easy to understand way. There's a lot to learn from it, a lot to be practised, a lot to be debated.

I even recommend it to unbelievers. It's a great introduction to Christianity. And in a sense, the answer to life, the universe, and everything (which, by the way, it's not 42).


In my opinion, the biggest treath to christianity we have today is individualism. This belief that so permeates the culture of the modern man, has long ago stretched it's influence to the church itself. And while individualism is loosing ground in this post-modern generation, it's still there.

Why is individualism so bad? Because it goes against the very nature of the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is about a Christ-centered community. If everyone is thinking mostly in themselves, where is the community? Where is the family? In Jesus words, how can a house stand divided against itself? When everyone thinks in himself, there's no room for us.

In practice this reflects everywhere in christianity. Christians go to a meeting that they like the most, and not because that's the one Christ likes the most. It's more about what makes people feel better. They go to receive and not to give. They go to feel blessed and not to bless. They go to be served and not to serve. And in the end they live a self-centered christian life instead of a christ-centered christian life. And what is sad about this is: they don't even realize that.

And that's why the church is so divided in our days. Every doctrinal difference is used as an excuse to separate churches, to create denominations, as if this was the way to solve the problem (read 1 Cor. 1:10-12). As if there was any excuse to separate the body of Christ.

In this easter day, when we remember Christ sacrifice and ressurection, let us remember that the kingdom of God is all about crucifying ourselves, and let Christ be king in our lifes, as a community of believers. We must die to ourselves, so that Christ can shine through our lifes.