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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

The Church Can't Raise Your Kids

John Alan Turner just wrote an excelent article called The Church Can’t Raise Your Kids. It is so true. It's not the church that is responsible to raise your children, it's you.

It makes me think of those that are tired of the institution, but stay there because of sunday school. Their reason is that if they start meeting in homes, their kids will not be properly raised because there will be no sunday school. In my eyes, that's a weird reason.

A church for kids

"House churches work for you because you don't have kids, but when you have kids, the traditional churches are better." I hear this all the time when I talk about house churches. I even know some christians that only go to a traditional church because of the kids even though they don't like that church. The reason is that, in their opinion, kids need something like the traditional sunday school. I think this whole subject is filled with myths.

Myth #1: Kids who go to sunday school become good christians

This can be true. Depends on what you believe a "good christian" is. Many studies have pointed to the fact that most of them become unbelievers. The ones that stay, become just like the other people in their church. Which can be great, depending on how those people are. So, if you are an emergent guy in a traditional church so that your kids get proper education, chances are your kids will become traditional themselves.

Myth #2: Kids need sunday school to learn about God

No, kids need parents that teach them about God. This myth comes from a recent trend in which parents are not responsible for their kids education. They relegate this function to school teachers and sunday school teachers. And then they don't understand why they have no relationship with them. Go figure. Sunday school can help, but education starts in our home.

Myth #3: Kids get bored in house churches

This can be true. They can get bored in traditional churches too. Let's be honest, adults can get bored too. It's not the model that makes something more or less boring, it's the life in it. House churches can be interesting for kids. Special programs for them can be created, or not. Several people have different experiences that worked either way.

Wrapping up

House churches are kids safe as much as traditional ones are. Maybe if you have a big mega church you can do lot's of great events for kids, but if you are creative enough, you can do the same stuff in a house church. Instead of havind a water park, you take them to one. Instead of having a bible camping, you take them to one. But in the end, I don't think kids in house churches have less opportunities of becoming "good christians". That, is a myth.