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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff is an excellent film that talks about... stuff! But specially the effect stuff, and specially consuming stuff, has on all the world. What it means to the environment, to the people, to the third world, to the rich world, and to each one of us.

The film take 20 minutes, but it's worth it. It is the best explication I have ever seen. Tanks to Lammert for the link.

My Media Consumption Diet

André tagged me with this one. And he probably did that because I hate being tagged.


Web is my life. It's hard for me to be a whole day without internet, unless I'm doing bird watching. I am a web developer, so I make my living of the internet.

I have a blog (yes, really). I use flickr a lot. I use Goggle Reader to follow 75 different blogs and news sites (after I reduced my list a lot). I also use the web to read the news.


I listen to the radio when I'm driving. The rest of the time, radio has been almost completely obliterated by my iPod or Mac. Sometimes I hear radio in my microwave while I'm cooking.


I feel like TV is mostly made for mental retarded people, so I only watch TV when I'm feeling tired (which is similar to being retarded), or when there is a good movie or a good nature show. Beside that, I use the TV to watch DVDs and to play Nintendo Wii.


I like good movies. I go to the movie theatre 1-2 times a month, and I own several DVDs I like to watch. Sometimes I rent movies.


I use email and IM a lot. I'm almost always connected in some way. I also use a cellphone, but it's not my favourite means of communication.


I only subscribe National Geographic and Pardela (bird magazine from SPEA). Besides does, I read what's available in the doctor's waiting room.


My personal library has about 1000 books. At least. I have a whole room for them. And yes, I've read most of them. Most of the books are christian-related books, and the rest are mostly technology books and Novels.

I used to read a book each week, but in the last year I'm reading a lot less. I normally read in public transports and when I have free time.


As far as I'm concerned, paper newspapers are dead. I only buy newspapers when they bring a nice DVD or something like that.


I use my iPod a lot. I have about 10 000 legal songs in my library. Yes, I actually pay for it. I hear it when I'm working, and in public transports.

Music festivals are too loud for me.


Nintendo Wii all the way!

I’m tagging no one. That's how subversive I am :)