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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

Going Solo

Going Solo is a conference for freelancers, organized by Stephanie Booth, that looks very interesting, with very practical information, including:

* skills a freelancer needs (doing the work, marketing and networking, contracts and cash flow)
* fixing prices, closing deals, negotiating contracts (the hardcore businessy stuff)
* what kind of work freelancers in the 2.0 world do (some jobs are more suitable for soloists than others)
* marketing and taking care of one’s social capital (blogging… and being a good online citizen)
* tools of the trade (what software/tools/methods can assist you as a freelancer?)
* coworking and staying in touch with “colleagues” (compensating for “working alone” — we remain social animals)
* challenges in making a passion into a job, dealing with the blurring of the life/work distinction
* international clients, travel, different laws and tax rules, accounting
* soloist or small business?
* adapting to different kinds of clients (in particular, how do you deal with big corporations that you approach or who have approached you)

I'll be there :)

Lift Conference e Genève

Já estou cá desde terça-feira à noite, e está tudo a correr muito bem. Posso dizer que mais de metade das minhas expectativas já foram atingidas, o que é surpreendentemente bom.

Genève é um sítio interessante para visitar. Não sei se seria capaz de vir cá de propósito para fazer turismo, mas mesmo assim tem muita coisa interessante para visitar. Só tenho pena que, apesar do frio que está, em vez de nevar, chove. Enfim.

A conferência está a ser muito boa, e está muito bem organizada. Valeu bem a pena vir.

Lift 2007: First Impressions

I'm at Lift Conference right now, and I'm having a great time. Some first impressions:

The Good

- They have t-shirts for women! You may remember that is something I blogged about.
- Everything looks so nice and well organized.
- I love the fact that they didn't give me a huge bag filled with useless stuff. Just the t-shirt and a small (but really complete) information package.

The Bad

- We were without wireless for a good part of the morning. Not a big problem, in my opinion. We actually got to pay atention to the conference and talk to each other.
- How come it's cold and it doesn't snow? I feel tricked... But that's not really Lift's fault :D

Lift 2007: A preparação

É já na quarta-feira que começa a Lift Conference, e como já tinha dito, vou estar lá. Tenho algumas expectativas não só em relação à conferência, como em relação à ida a Genève:

- Descansar a mente
- Entrar em contacto com pessoas interessantes
- Absorver ideias inovadoras
- Passear pela zona antiga da cidade
- Passear pela maioria dos parques da cidade
- Visitar o museu da Reforma
- Entrar em contacto com a igreja emergente local
- Comprar um Zeiss Diascope 85 T* FL (finalmente!)
- Observar várias espécies de aves pela primeira vez, entre elas duas espécies de Cisnes, uma de Éiders, um de Mergansos, e duas de patos, e duas ou três de passeriformes.
- Namorar (sim, porque a Paula vai comigo :) )

Vamos ver se consigo atingir todas as expectativas :)

Lift Conference 2007

The Lift Conference will happen in 7-8-9 February, in Geneva, Switzerland, and I'll be there. I'm really looking forward for it, for several reasons.

For starts, it's a grassroots conference. And I totally support grassroots conferences for several ideological reasons. It's also all about new stuff, vision, and innovation. The kind of things that makes us think outside the box. And it's also an excellent opportunity to meet other people, and actually engage in conversations with them.

It will also be the first time I'll be in Switzerland, so it will be an excellent opportunity to do some tourism (I'll stay there for the following weekend). I also expect to do some (very light) birding, I'll probably see some swans and goose. It would be nice to get in touch with the emerging church in Geneva, but I don't know where to start.

All in all, I think I'll have a great time there.

Learning from Open Source Conferences

There are many things to learn from YAPC, a Perl conference. In YAPC, besides having some big names invited, anyone can sugest a talk, and if accepted by the organizers, the person will become one of the speakers, having the oportunity to present his talk. This is as grass roots as it can get.

What we need is for our conferences to be a place where everyone has a chance to be heard, to express their gifts, instead of only letting the big names speak. The church is made of all of us, not only of a select elite.

It would be great to have a christian conference where everyone has room to share what God has been teaching them. I think it's urgent to create something like that.