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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

The Story We Find Ourselves In by Brian McLaren

With the same style, this is a continuation of A New Kind of Christian. And a worthy one indeed.

We could say that the main theme of the book is the creation/evolution debate, and although it is a recurrent subject in the book, the main theme is the story of the universe. The story of how God created the universe, and how he intervened in it, and how we fit in that story.

I think this one is better than the first book in the triology. I think its very important to know how to tell the story of life in terms that the people of our days understands them. And the way it shows why you should care about nature, is excelent.

The book might be polemic not only because of emergent theology, but also because it defends that God created earth by evolution. Not that it's polemic to me, but it might be to some :)

A New Kind of Christian by Brian D. McLaren

I started to read the "A New Kind of Christian" trilogy some weeks ago, and have now finished the first book.

I really liked the book for two main reasons. First, because it speaks about the core issues needing reformation in modern christianity (not the less meaningful exterior things). And second, because the approach used (fictional story) is a very smart way of talking about things that may hurt others.

This is an excellent book to give to that special friend that has problems understanding what that emerging stuff is all about. Because sometimes we focus to much on the superficial things, on the results, and forget to show all the meaningful reasons that led us to live christianity in a new way.

This is also an excellent book for all who find Christ interesting, but the modern church not so interesting. There are other ways of being church, of being christians, that are more appealing to outsiders.

Can't wait to read the other two books...

The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian D. McLaren

The Kingdom of God, what is it? For me, this is a question of utmost importance. I believe the meaning of the kingdom of God has been neglected throughout the history of the church. Try asking your christian friends what is it, and you'll be amazed with the answers (or lack of). That is the question this book tries to answer. And I have to say that it answers the question very well.

This is a great book. Very well written, it is easy to read and yet deep enough in meaning. I like books like that. Books that talk about profound stuff in a simple and easy to understand way. There's a lot to learn from it, a lot to be practised, a lot to be debated.

I even recommend it to unbelievers. It's a great introduction to Christianity. And in a sense, the answer to life, the universe, and everything (which, by the way, it's not 42).