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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

To Perl or not to Perl

Perl is becoming an endangered species. While each year passes by, less companies use it in their projects. If you are a Perl programmer in Portugal, you don't have much choices of places where to work. My fingers are more than enough to count them.

What happened to Perl? Nothing new, actually, it's just the normal life span of a language. Programming languages are made to solve a certain problem to certain people. And if enough people find it usefull, it becomes a popular language.

But then life goes on, people change, the new generation has different needs, people see problems in the current languages, the sky is less blue or the sun doesn't shine has bright, and someone invents another programming language which becomes popular and takes the place of the other one. Life goes on as usual.

What can someone do then? There are two options, in my opinion. You can become a guru in that language and continue working in the small niche left behind (see cobol, for example), or you can learn the new popular languages and go with the flow.

I am not someone to stick to something for a long time, I get bored when nothing changes. So, that niche thing is not for me.



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