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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

Practicing the Disciplines is a sign of Spiritual Immaturity

Bob Hyatt has a very interesting post that says Practicing the Disciplines is a sign of Spiritual IMmaturity.

"In a way, the more we love God and the more we love our neighbor the less we will need the disciplines, in so far as what the disciplines give us becomes second nature and more and more a matter of our character and less and less a matter of our will." (Bob Hyatt)

It was one of those things that I never thought in that way, but immediatly agreed on. I mean, I'm a web developer. In the early days I had several programming practices that I would have to do and redo looking at the manual. But now, those same practices are second nature to me. I continue to search in the books for deeper knowledge, that's another thing. But now I don't have to force myself to it, it just comes naturally.

If our inside is changed, it will show on the outside. If we change our outside for long enough, eventually it will influence the inside and become faith, or it migth become a ritual/religion, it depends on your objective, your atitude. Disciplines followed by will power, if not checked by a correct relationship with other christians, will probably become a meaningless ritual.



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