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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

Virtual Church

Recently I was confronted with this idea: To create a christian youth group that meets in a chat room. I was amazed with this proposal. I couldn't believe in what I was earing.

It's bad enough to have churches where the members don't relate much with other members, and only see the others on sunday morning. But to have churches where people don't even see each other? I have no words. Actually, I do have some words, but none of them are nice.

I'm a web developer. I understand the internet. I use email, chat rooms and instant messaging profusely. I even use IRC. And I can understand using all this to speak to someone who is far away, or as a complement to normal face to face relationships. But substituting the real thing with virtual things? When everyone lives in the same area? That is too far fetched for me.

When we think we have seen it all...



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