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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

Missionary business

I have seen ugly stuff concerning missionary work. From the missionary who works more for his own than for the kingdom of God, to the missionary agency who forces his missionaries to act in a colonizing way. I have seen churches disappear because the missionary organizations force their missionaries to change their path.

I have seen politics and deception used in the worst possible way. I have seen money wasted in incredible ways. I have seen missionaries create a culture apart of the place they are working in. And all this makes me sad. Makes me feel frustrated. So I really understand what Simon says here.

But, you know, all this is not a reason to quit. All this should fire us up, and make us want to do something about it. By something I don't mean to just criticize others and attack them, while I accept that there is some room for righteous criticism. But mostly, doing something about it is going and doing it the right way. Learn with the mistakes of the others, and search or the right way. In short, changing the world by example.

It's not time for us to quit. It's time for us to rise up and do the little we can to spread the kingdom of God where we are. To live Christ. To bread Christ. It's time for us to take a stand!



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