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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

My Media Consumption Diet

André tagged me with this one. And he probably did that because I hate being tagged.


Web is my life. It's hard for me to be a whole day without internet, unless I'm doing bird watching. I am a web developer, so I make my living of the internet.

I have a blog (yes, really). I use flickr a lot. I use Goggle Reader to follow 75 different blogs and news sites (after I reduced my list a lot). I also use the web to read the news.


I listen to the radio when I'm driving. The rest of the time, radio has been almost completely obliterated by my iPod or Mac. Sometimes I hear radio in my microwave while I'm cooking.


I feel like TV is mostly made for mental retarded people, so I only watch TV when I'm feeling tired (which is similar to being retarded), or when there is a good movie or a good nature show. Beside that, I use the TV to watch DVDs and to play Nintendo Wii.


I like good movies. I go to the movie theatre 1-2 times a month, and I own several DVDs I like to watch. Sometimes I rent movies.


I use email and IM a lot. I'm almost always connected in some way. I also use a cellphone, but it's not my favourite means of communication.


I only subscribe National Geographic and Pardela (bird magazine from SPEA). Besides does, I read what's available in the doctor's waiting room.


My personal library has about 1000 books. At least. I have a whole room for them. And yes, I've read most of them. Most of the books are christian-related books, and the rest are mostly technology books and Novels.

I used to read a book each week, but in the last year I'm reading a lot less. I normally read in public transports and when I have free time.


As far as I'm concerned, paper newspapers are dead. I only buy newspapers when they bring a nice DVD or something like that.


I use my iPod a lot. I have about 10 000 legal songs in my library. Yes, I actually pay for it. I hear it when I'm working, and in public transports.

Music festivals are too loud for me.


Nintendo Wii all the way!

I’m tagging no one. That's how subversive I am :)

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