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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

Norwegian Wood por Haruki Murakami

Tenho de confessar que estou a ficar fã do Haruki Murakami. A escrita dele tem uma beleza que não é possível descrever. Neste momento já destronou Oscar Wilde como meu escritor favorito, e ainda só li 3 livros. Temos no entanto de ter em atenção que os livros dele são para adultos, ou seja, têm algumas cenas um bocado gráficas.

Neste livro ele conta a história de um jovem e dos seus relacionamentos. Aborda a sexualidade, o suicídio, e a loucura. Mas sobretudo fala do que é a vida, das suas dificuldades, dos seus sentimentos. E da inadaptação social de algumas pessoas.

Este livro faz-nos reflectir no que é a vida, na forma como a vivemos. E é também uma boa forma de perceber um pouco como é a cultura japonesa.

A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian D. McLaren

Everyone has already read this book. Or so it seems. I'll start by saying that I really liked the book, and most of it resonates what I have been feeling and thinking in the last year and a half.

Generous Orthodoxy is all about respect. Respecting other cultures, traditions, religions, etc. It's about looking to the past of the church, and understanding what good came from it. It's about being humble, admitting that we suck big time, that we may be wrong in many things. We are better than no one. It's all about the kingdom of God. It's all about having the courage of pressing forward, following Christ and sharing Him with others, despite our weaknesses.

Because of all this, the fate of this book is to be a polemic one. There is no way this book could pass unharmed. The Church of our days is filled with quarrels for one simple reason: We all think we are right and the other wrong. So, this book comes against the Praxis of today's Church. Against our arrogance, against our hypocrisy. So, it is no surprise to me that this book gather so much criticism, since it speaks so well of our Church wrongs.

Wii: A experiência

Depois de quase dois dias a experimentar a Wii, essencialmente a jogar Wii Sports, tenho que dizer que não tenho defeitos a lhe apontar. Muito fácil de usar, muito divertido para toda a família.

Tive alguns problemas a conseguir ligar-me ao meu router wireless, mas depois descobri que o problema era que não estava a detectar os servidores DNS, e foi só corrigir isso. As outras pessoas que conheço não tiveram problemas desses, que na minha experiência são mais causados pelos routers do que outra coisa.

Five things you don't know about me

André had the bad idea of tagging me, so here it goes:

1. I don't like being tagged. Maybe because I made my life very public in the internet already, so there is not much to tell about me. That's why it was a bad idea. I never know what to write...

2. Though I hate being tagged, I can't resist responding. Which makes me hate being tagged even more.

3. I was a nationalist, but not any more (sometimes it's ugly face shows up, but I fight it off). And when I say nationalist, I mean the kind that has a 2 meter flag on top of the bed, that gets offended when you don't know how to sing the Portuguese national anthem (it's "egrégios", stupid!), and that would be really aggressive against foreign people immigrating to Portugal. I still get an itch when people talk bad about Portugal, but that's it.

4. I have a problem with heights. It's not really Acrophobia, since I don't get scared, but I lose balance, and tend to lean forward. And here's the catch: If there is an obstacle waist high between me and the abyss, I don't lose balance. Weird.

5. I am the person with the worst memory in the world. Just ask my wife, she'll say it's true. It's probably my worst defect. I like to think that it's because I'm a genius, but that's not true...

Ok, that's it. And no, I won't be tagging anyone. That's something else I don't like to do.

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