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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

On blogging frequently

Eric Kintz wrote an interesting article last month called "Why Blog Post Frequency Does Not Matter Anymore" which I found really interesting. He makes the following points, some of which I will comment:

1. Traffic is generated by participating in the community; not daily posting

This is so true. People will visit your blog because they create a relationship with you. Because they are your friends, or because you interact with each other in some way. They will visit also if you are some kind of guru, but there aren't much gurus: that's why they are gurus in the first place.

2. Traffic is irrelevant to your blog’s success anyway
3. Loyal readers coming back daily to check your posts is so Web 1.0
4. Frequent posting is actually starting to have a negative impact on loyalty

Probably. Recently I took some blogs out of my rss feed list because there were too much articles to read. I ended up cutting people that I had no relationship with, people that posted too frequently (because many times those posts are uninteresting), and people that posted huge articles.

5. Frequent posting keeps key senior executives and thought leaders out of the blogosphere
6. Frequent posting drives poor content quality

This actually depends. If frequent posting makes you write posts just because you have to, then yes, that's true. But there are some people that have several interesting things to write about every day.

7. Frequent posting threatens the credibility of the blogosphere
8. Frequent posting will push corporate bloggers into the hands of PR agencies
9. Frequent posting creates the equivalent of a blogging landfill
10. I love my family too much

And I do too. That's why I did the cutings on the feeds I read. I ended up spending too much time reading blogs, time that I could be using with my family, or interacting with other bloggers.


Flying awayNesta foto, nota-se que faltam algumas penas nas asas da gaivota. É natural, significa que ela está a mudar as penas. Se a gaivota não mudasse as penas, mais tarde ou mais cedo elas envelheceriam, perderiam propriedades, e ela deixaria de conseguir voar.

Também é assim connosco. Se mantivermos tudo na mesma, se nos agarrarmos demasiado ao que somos e temos neste momento, um dia deixaremos de conseguir voar. Não devemos ter medo da mudança, faz parte do processo natural da vida.

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