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A vida é simples


A vida é simples

Feelings and Intuitions

Yesterday, during a very nice time with Joshua and Laura (we have to do more of this), there were several nice "theological" conversations. One of those kept running in my mind after we left. That normally happens when I feel we didn't get to an answer in the subject. The theme was feelings and intuitions.

I personally use my intuition whenever I have to decide something major in my life (and according to Blink, there may be a logical reason for that after all). And that contrasts a lot with the way I do other decisions, which happens always in a very logical and thoughtful process.

Joshua confronted me with a very good point: If we rule our lives by intuition, how can we be sure we will not choose always the easier / most comfortable way (as in the opposite for the right way). For example, I may not "feel like" helping a certain person, but I should. If I go with my "feelings", I will not do the right thing.

After some thinking (which always happens when we try to verbalize the way we do things that are routine to us), I got to the conclusion that I separate my intuition from my feelings. For me, they are two different things. My intuition is checked by convictions of what I should be and do (love God, love everyone as myself, etc). My feelings are this ethereal thing that changes constantly with the mood. I can say that because when I choose something intuitively, I don't choose the easy way out, but something else based on my convictions. And in my opinion, that's the way it should be.

So, next time you hear the famous phrase "I don't feel led to..." coming out of your mouth, ask yourself what kind of feeling is it :)

I would really love to see comments with your opinion on the subject.



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